Live conversion and attribution for digital omnichannel

Path to Purchase Insights 2.0:

See how Chanalytics transforms brands and gives them a huge advantage over competitors.

Loved by the world's largest brands

Understand the Buyer Journey in real-time

Brands have historically had real-time analytics on their own websites. But this is not where most consumers are actually shopping and engaging with a brand.

Understand how your consumer is changing

Today’s consumer is changing rapidly. They shop differently. They think differently. But this wealth of insight has been a black box. Until Chanalytics.

Become 100x smarter as a brand

Stay ahead of your competitors by understanding shopper trends in real-time and what is resonating with your target buyers.

Retail campaigns

Have real-time visibility into your campaigns so you can understand true ROI.


Ensure your products are discovered more often when customers enter search terms on a retailer’s website.


Understand how to deepen and strengthen the relationship with your most important retail partners.

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